Employee Orientation

Product Summary

A customized interactive multimedia program can provide employees with a consistent message, available on demand, 24 hours a day at any location. The orientation may include regulatory & compliance training and testing as well as a briefing on the organization's policies and procedures, employee benefits, products, markets and management. Because of Guided Learning's modularized system, development time is often as little as ten weeks and the cost about one-third what other custom multimedia programs normally cost--we've brought some multimedia orientation programs in for less than $20,000.

During the interactive multimedia part of the orientation, each employee works alone at a computer, which structures the material and presents it in an imaginative, readily-understandable manner, thus eliminating scheduling nightmares and assuring that policies and benefits are presented thoroughly and consistently. The employer has a record that the employee has been exposed to the material and may test the employee's understanding of certain topics or important policies.

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