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Investigating a harassment incident

In a work environment suddenly more attuned to words and behaviors that might be interpreted as insensitive or even intimidating and demeaning, incidents happen that cannot be ignored. If you don't investigate promptly, you run the risk of exacerbating an otherwise minor situation. But until you know more about the incident and the circumstances surrounding it, you cannot be sure whether you need to get an attorney involved or if the matter can be handled informally, with a minimum of disruption and embarrassment. This interactive computer-based consultant was designed to help.

Not really a training program, Investigating Sexual Harassment Incidents is essentially an interactive checklist that guides the manager or HR staff through every step of an investigation. There are two tracks: one for those looking into a report of an incident where there is not (yet) a formal complaint, and the other for the very serious business of investigating a formal complaint or grievance. The objective is to make sure any investigation is thorough, objective and well-documented. It provides questions to ask and explains how to probe for indications that will lead to a proper resolution for all parties. It can serve as a means of determining when the requisite expertise and experience to conduct a responsible investigation is lacking in the organization and you absolutely have to get an attorney or investigator involved.

A full examination copy on CD-ROM is available to qualified HR or general management; call (908) 627-1234 or send an e-mail to flg@guidedlearning.com.



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