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Auditing your sexual harassment risk

This confidential self-assessment will help you determine the likelihood of a serious sexual harassment complaint in your organization over the next 12-18 months. It provides an analysis of the risk associated with your industry and your organization's culture; it identifies missing elements in your organization's formal policy on sexual harassment; and it offers an indication of how knowledgeable and prepared your supervisors and managers are to handle situations that might involve a sexual harassment incident or complaint. The program takes about 12 minutes to complete.

Key Features

* Confidential self-assesssment
Without any interviewing or employee surveys, this self-assessment enables an HR manager or other senior executive to get a quick fix on the likelihood of a serious sexual harassment complaint.

* Three major areas of vulnerability
An organization's culture and business practices provide one of the best determinants of the likelihood of a sexual harssment incident, so that is the first factor analyzed. The second factor, the employer's formal policy on sexual harassment, is audited. Finally, the apparent understanding of the organization's supervisors and managers about the law relating to sexual harassment is assessed, based on a 12 item examination. Together those factors provide pretty good predictability of the employer's vulnerability to a sexual harassment complaint in the next year or so.

A full examination copy on CD-ROM is available to qualified HR or general management; call (908) 627-1234 or send an e-mail to flg@guidedlearning.com.



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