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Guided Learning has a select client base largely clustered in four areas: financial services, technology, hospitality & gaming and higher education. The list of consulting clients and licensed users of the employment practices courses is much broader, encompassing virtually all industries, state, local and federal government and the non-profits. Some clients come to us on a compliance issue, others to avoid costly mistakes and some to recover from mistakes already made; a few have been laggards in adopting e-Learning and are now seeking to catch up, but most are early-adopters.

Guided Learning is located in Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
                               (908) 627-1234   

Frank L. Greenagel, PhD, is Managing Director of Guided Learning, a firm he founded in 1983 to take advantage of the market for e-learning which he was sure would emerge from the capabilities of personal computers. Dr. Greenagel previously headed two multi-million dollar divisions of Litton Industries (in publishing and business equipment); earlier in his career, headed Litton's corporate employee communications department, which included responsibility for training and development. In the late 1970s he directed the creation of the first online encyclopedia in the world, the Academic American, which was available through the New York Times Information Bank, Dow-Jones, The Source, and other leading on-line information services. He is an industrial psychologist, an author and speaker and was a member of the faculty at the Universities of Minnesota and Colorado. Listed in Who's Who in America.


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