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Currency Transaction Reporting (Title 31)

Title 31 (or in Nevada Reg 6a) training is regarded by many casinos as dull, unimaginative and a never-ending obligation. Guided Learning's interactive multimedia program is not as much fun as an hour at the craps table, but most trainees find it stimulating and interesting, and managers of cage operations find a tedious burden has been lifted. In less than an hour casino personnel are tutored in all aspects of CTR requirements, then tested on their knowledge. The program covers the federal and\or state requirements (briefly), then goes into the casino's specific policies and procedures for reportable transactions and patron identification.
      The program is available in Windows and an Internet-based version, and will run on any network. We also have an SAR program to help you stay in complaince with the Patriot Act of 2002.
      Originally developed for Harrahs and the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City in 1997, the program has been adapted and customized to the requirements of different states and to the desired "look and feel" of several casinos throughout the U.S., including several tribal casinos.

In practice, more than 80% of casino personnel completing the course have scored 80% or better their first time through the course. There are separate tracks for personnel in different departments (pit, cage, slots, marketing) and with different levels of experience. The program has been written to an 8th grade reading level, so is entirely comprehensible by people with a wide range of academic preparation.

A full examination copy is available to qualified casino management; call (908) 627-1234 or e-mail us at flg@guidedlearning.com.



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